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   Java Learning Plan Resource Review

Java Learning Plan Resource Review

Review of Sun's "Sun's Learning the Java Language tutorial - the 'Language Basics' lesson"
located at

This tutorial is part of a larger Java tutorial provided by Sun. This section of the tutorial covers the language basics, including Variables, Operators, Expressions, and Control Flow Statements. This part of the tutorial does not cover setting up the Java development environment, but that information can be found in the "Hello World Application" section of the tutorial.

Another source for instructions on setting up your Java development environment can be found in's Learning Toolkit sections for Windows, Linux, or Macintosh.

This is a high quality tutorial that provides complete coverage of the language basics topics. The tutorial has "Questions and Exercises" sections to test your memory of the topics and to allow you to work on simple code examples.

This resource's value ranking is:
8/10 for coverage
8/10 for quality
1 for cost for a total value ranking of 64