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   Java Learning Plan Resource Review

Java Learning Plan Resource Review

Review of Sun's "Essentials of the Java Programming Language, Part 1"
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This is one of Sun's fundamental Java tutorials, but although it covers much of the language basics, it does so assuming the reader is already an experienced programmer. This is not the best tutorial for someone who is learning Java as a first programming language.

The tutorial includes sections covering Compiling and Running a Simple Program, Building Applications, Building Applets, Building a User Interface, Writing Servlets, File Access and Permissions, Database Access and Permissions, Remote Method Invocation.

The tutorial include a fair number of code examples, some of them substantial, but there are no "Questions and Exercises" sections to allow you to test your knowledge or practice working on your own code examples.

This tutorial focuses on topics relevant to Java programming in a network environment, including the sections on Building Applets, Writing Servlets and Remote Method Invocation.

This resource's value ranking is:
8/10 for coverage
8/10 for quality
1 for cost for a total value ranking of 64